December 12, 2023

Meet Hasib Qaderi; A Journey from Field to Lab

Meet Hasib Qaderi: A Journey from Field to Lab

Hasib Qaderi, 27, is a vital part of the Herati Saffron family, where tradition meets technology. With a Bachelor’s degree in Agriculture from Herat University, Hasib has honed his expertise in food production quality control, bringing invaluable skills to our saffron’s journey from farm to table.

As the manager of the Quality Control and Laboratory Department, Hasib ensures that every gram of our saffron meets the highest standards.

Mastery of laboratory equipment for saffron testing.
Proficiency in chemical, physical, and biological analyses.
Systematic reporting and safety protocols.
Collaborative teamwork.

Hasib’s day-to-day involves rigorous testing to guarantee the quality of our saffron, ensuring that what reaches your table is nothing short of perfection.

Drawn to our company’s reputation and the positive work environment, Hasib’s passion for quality and excellence reflects in the saffron we produce.

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