December 12, 2023

Zainab Ayoubi; The Heart of Saffron Processing

Zainab Ayoubi: The Heart of Saffron Processing

Meet Zainab Ayoubi, a dedicated mother of three and a seasoned expert at Herati Saffron. With seven years under her belt, Zainab’s hands have touched every stage of our saffron’s journey.

Specializing in the delicate art of saffron processing and drying, Zainab embodies the meticulous care that goes into preparing our saffron for your table.

In a world where opportunities for women can be scarce, Zainab finds pride and purpose in her work. Herati Saffron has not only provided a safe haven but also a means to ease her family’s life.

Zainab believes that the saffron industry, with its gentle demands, is uniquely suited to the spirit and nature of women, offering a fulfilling alternative to more physically taxing jobs.

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